The Dissemination and Implementation Research to Improve Value (DIRECTIVE) awards were granted to four consortia of two or more PBRNs in 2014.  Building directly upon Multi-Network Practice Outcome Variation Examination (MPROVE) and Public Health Delivery and Cost Study (DACS) measures and methods, these 24-month studies will examine the types of resources, infrastructures, partnerships, and inter-organizational coordination that best facilitate the implementation of evidence-based prevention programs and services by public health agencies and their community partners. Investigators will assess both the quality and the costs associated with alternative strategies for delivering public health services, in order to draw conclusions about their comparative effectiveness and value. For more information, see the press release.



Improving the Reach and Effectiveness of STD Prevention, Screening, and Treatment Services in Local Public Health Systems

California PBRN

Alabama PBRN

A Comparison of State Dissemination and Implementation Strategies on Local Health Department Accreditation Readiness and Quality Improvement Maturity

Colorado PBRN

Nebraska PBRN

Kansas PBRN

The Effects of Cross-Jurisdictional Resource Sharing on the Implementation, Scope and Quality of Public Health Services

Connecticut PBRN

Massachusetts PBRN

Inter-Organizational Collaboration in Local Public Health Systems: Implications for Costs, Impact, and Management Capacity

Washington PBRN

Wisconsin PBRN

New York PBRN

​Oregon PBRN