Health Equity

Better understandings of the structural factors that contribute to health disparities can point to potential solutions for closing those gaps. Public health services and systems researchers are examining organizational and service delivery strategies to help ensure that all people can achieve good health.



Variation in Local Public Health Actions to Address Health Inequities

Minnesota Public Health PBRN

Utilization and Effectiveness of a Health Equity Index in Mobilizing Local Public Health Action

Connecticut Public Health PBRN
Using Geographic Information Systems to Investigate the Relationship Between Local Health Departments’ Workforce Cuts and Vulnerable Populations  Tracy Hilliard

Disparities in Access to Public Water and Sewer Service in North Carolina: Public Health Impacts and Policy Solutions

Jacqueline MacDonald Gibson
Health Care Reform: Colorectal Cancer Screening Expansion and Health Disparities Michael Preston
Assessing the Impact of a Health in All Policies Approach on Latino Health Disparities in California Sarah Ramirez
Effects of Cultural Competency Training on Local Health Departments: A Randomized Trial Kentucky Public Health PBRN
Local Health Department Workforce Reductions: Implications for Diversity and Health Disparities Washington Public Health PBRN
Local Health Department Influences on the Health of Older Adults:  A Statewide Evaluation Hector Rodriguez
A Profile of Tribal Public Health Departments Alana Knudson & Aleena Hernandez