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The Massachusetts Public Health Practice-Based Research Network (PBRN) will develop initial research capacity for studying the effects of regionalization on public health service delivery and outcomes. This network will be organized by the practice arm of the Boston University School of Public Health and will take advantage of a natural experiment created by the state’s effort to develop a regionalized organizational structure from its current 351 separate public health jurisdictions. Network participants will include the state Department of Public Health, eight local health departments (LHDs) participating in a state regionalization work group, and representatives from key public health associations within the state. Research partners will include faculty at the Boston University School of Public Health and the nonprofit Institute for Community Health. Initial research projects will elucidate key factors that influence the implementation and impact of regionalized public health delivery models, and will compare the costs and consequences alternative approaches to regionalization.

Our Research


  • Boston University School of Public Health
  • Massachusetts Department of Public Health
  • Institute for Community Health


Harold D. Cox, M.S.S.W
Justeen Hyde, Ph.D.
Kathleen MacVarish, M.S.

Contact Us


715 Albany Street, Talbot Building
Boston, MA 02118

(617) 429-7956 (Harold Cox)
(617) 499-6694 (Justeen Hyde)
(617) 638-5032 (Kathleen MacVarish)

Harold Cox, M.S.S.W

Justeen Hyde

Kathleen MacVarish