Delivery and Cost Studies (DACS)

Launched in 2013, the Delivery and Cost Studies (DACS) Program provided funding for eleven public health practice-based research networks (PBRNs) to estimate the costs of delivering public health services. The studies are examining how characteristics of public health delivery systems — including their size and scope of activity, the division of roles and responsibilities among contributing organizations, and the methods for using human capital and technology — influence the cost, quality, and equity of public health service delivery. (More information is available in the Request for Proposal.) 


Public Health Delivery and Cost Studies in the San Joaquin Valley of California

California Public Health PBRN & Public Health Institute

Determining the Cost of Select Core Services Across Colorado Public Health Agencies

Colorado Public Health PBRN & Colorado Association of Local Public Health Officials

Cost Effectiveness, Efficiency and Equity of Inspection Services throughout Connecticut's Local Public Health System

Connecticut Public Health PBRN &
Connecticut Association of Directors of Health
Comparative Cost Study of STD Services in Florida Florida Public Health PBRN &
University of Florida

Measuring the Costs of Implementing QI Initiatives and Examining the Variation in Costs of QI Implementation among LHDs in Nebraska

Nebraska Public Health PBRN &
University of Nebraska Medical Center
Understanding Governmental and Non-Governmental Funding and Network Structures in Different Models of Public Health Infrastructure New Hampshire Public Health PBRN &
University of New Hampshire
Determining the Public Health Costs of Tobacco Prevention and Control: A Comparison of 5 New Jersey Local Health Departments New Jersey Public Health PBRN & Foundation for Healthcare Advancement

Optimizing the Use of HIV/STD Partner Services Strategies in New York State

New York Public Health PBRN
The Influence of Organizational and Community Characteristics on the Cost of Providing Mandated Public Health Services in North Carolina North Carolina Public Health PBRN

The Cost of Public Health Practice: Using PBRNs to Identify Delivery, Quality and Cost of Core Public Health Services in Ohio

Ohio Public Health PBRN &
Case Western Reserve University

Costs and Cost-drivers of Providing Foundational Public Health Services in Washington State and Relationships with Structural and Community Factors

Washington Public Health PBRN &
University of Washington