Inter-Organizational Collaboration in Local Public Health Systems: Implications for Costs, Impact, and Management Capacity

Year: 2014
Funding: Dissemination and Implementation Research to Improve Value Study (DIRECTIVE)
Status: Completed

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Evidence regarding the ways in which cross-jurisdictional sharing (CJS) by local health districts (LHDs) affects volume, intensity and unit cost of services is important for informing real-world decisions. This Dissemination and Implementation Research to Improve Value (DIRECTIVE) project supports a consortium of the Washington, Wisconsin, and New York PBRNs, along with investigators from the emerging Oregon PBRN, in focusing on CJS in the domain of communicable disease. Led by the University of Washington, this four state consortium is collecting existing measures from the Multi-Network Practice Outcome Variation Examination (MPROVE) and administering a survey to LHDs to determine the extent and structure of CJS. Survey results will be combined with results of a similar survey of Wisconsin LHDs, and MPROVE-CJS data will be combined with LHD-level financial information (as available) to allow the observation of the relationship over time between LHD-level CJS and the costs, volume, and quality of service delivery.




Research Areas


Justin Marlowe, PhD
Betty Bekemeier, PhD
University of Washington