Public health programs and policies should be organized, financed, and delivered in ways that maximize population health impact, cost-effectiveness, and health equity. Public Health Services and Systems Research (PHSSR) identifies the implementation strategies that work, building evidence to support decision-making across the public health sphere. Effective, efficient, and equitable public health services and systems build a healthier nation.

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With approximately $3.2 million of new research funding, nine teams of investigators will expand the evidence for policy and administrative mechanisms to improve the quality, efficiency, and value of public health systems and service delivery across the United States.

The American Journal of Public Health devotes its new issue to public health services and systems research. The themed supplement discusses the latest science in bettering the services, processes and systems of health care and public health particularly in an ever politically, socially and technologically changing environment.

Four early-career investigators in the field of public health services and systems research (PHSSR) have received funding to identify and examine innovative approaches for bridging the public health and healthcare systems to improve population health.