A Comparison of State Dissemination and Implementation Strategies on Local Health Department Accreditation Readiness and Quality Improvement Maturity

Year: 2014
Funding: Dissemination and Implementation Research to Improve Value Study (DIRECTIVE)
Status: Completed

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Establishing the costs and value of such local health department (LHD) initiatives as Accreditation Readiness (AR) and Quality Improvement (QI) is important for determining the activities that can best contribute to more efficient and effective public health delivery. This Dissemination and Implementation Research to Improve Value (DIRECTIVE) project supports the Colorado, Nebraska, and Kansas Public Health Practice-Based Research Networks (PBRNs) in examining and comparing the interactions and differences in AR and QI measures based on system-level dissemination and implementation (D&I) initiatives and the resulting state and local social networks. Led by the Colorado Association of Local Public Health Officials (CALPHO), this consortium of contiguous states will examine differences in financial investment in system-level D&I initiatives and the cost of discrete LHD QI projects using methods developed through Public Health PBRN Delivery and Cost Study (DACS) portfolio. The project also will examine connections of LHD QI projects, QI maturity, and AR with service measures and health outcomes from the Multi-Network Practice Outcome Variation Examination (MPROVE). Interpretation and translation of these complex findings, immediately applicable to the evolving QI and AR contexts at state and local levels, is critical.

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