Cost Effectiveness, Efficiency and Equity of Inspection Services Throughout Connecticut's Local Public Health System

Year: 2013
Funding: Delivery and Cost Studies (DACS)
Status: Underway

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With leadership from the Connecticut Association of Directors of Health, the Connecticut Public Health Practice-Based Research Network is evaluating whether state-mandated environmental services (SMES) are most effectively, efficiently, and equitably delivered by local or regional public health entities, as well as the impact of local health department LHD) jurisdiction size and population density on SMES delivery. Specifically, the study addresses: 1) the relative cost of providing SMES for LHD serving small vs. larger populations, departments vs. districts, and unionized vs. non-union jurisdictions; 2) the impact of LHD size, organizational structure and receipt of state subsidies on capacity to provide SMES; 3) potential correlations between LHD jurisdiction population size and effectiveness of food service programs that result in differences in per capita cost for these services; 4) the impact of LHD size and organizational structure on the fee structure for food service inspections whether the fee structure presents an equity issue for local food service establishments; 5) the impact of routine local food inspections on establishments and their food service workers; and 6) correlations between inspections, changes in food handling practices, and the retention of these changes. Findings will support evidence-based decision-making related to environmental services provision.

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