Optimizing the Use of HIV/STD Partner Services Strategies in New York State

Year: 2013
Funding: Delivery and Cost Studies (DACS)
Status: Underway

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CDC policy initiatives now emphasize high-impact HIV/STD prevention activities. Consequently, public health decision-makers need to understand both the costs of such activities and their relationship to outcomes for ensuring optimal allocation of labor and resources. To gain this understanding, the NY PBRN is conducting an economic assessment of HIV/STD partner services (PS) delivered by state and local public health agencies. Investigators are measuring variation across two PS strategies: 1) integrated HIV and STD services currently delivered by the State Department of Health’s regional offices; and 2) a new strategy that focuses on high-impact HIV prevention delivered by large LHDs. The comparison will reveal whether reallocation of staff resources to the new, high-impact strategy affects the costs and outcomes of prevention programs at the county and state levels. The project builds on recent research that identified quality and outcome measures related to HIV/STD PS delivery. It demonstrates the value of engaging academic and practice partners in research designed to enhance the relevance, quality, and dissemination of study results. Findings are expected to enhance prioritization of staffing resources, increase efficiency in PS program delivery, and demonstrate a positive return on investment that includes reduced transmission of HIV/STDs.


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