Learning from Outlier LHD's to Improve Maternal & Child Health Services

Year: 2013
Funding: Mentored Researcher Development Award
Status: Completed


This study seeks to identify local health department practices for delivering maternal and child health (MCH) services that generate superior health outcomes. Using the Public Health Activities and Services Tracking (PHAST) database, a multi-state resource developed in collaboration with Public Health Practice-Based Research Networks (PBRNs), Dr. Klaiman conducts a “positive deviance” statistical analysis of local data from four states to identify local health departments that achieve better-than-expected MCH outcomes. Using interviews with local health department staff in each state and PHAST quantitative data, the research describes strategies used by high-performing agencies to achieve superior outcomes.




Research Areas


Researcher: Tamar Klaiman, Ph.D., M.P.H., University of the Sciences
Research Mentor: Betty Bekemeier, Ph.D., M.P.H., RN, University of Washington