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The Public Health Practice-Based Research Network for the State of CA is led by the Public Health Institute (PHI), Oakland, California.  The CA PBRN is developing a research agenda that studies the “sweet spot” where synergistic health improvement activities within the clinical care system and government public health system overlap and have the greatest impact on total population health. Priority areas include health equity, public health data integration and meaningful use issues, testing and validating local health department assessment instruments, application of systems science methodologies for health policy planning, and strategies for achieving accreditation/quality improvement initiatives.

Our Research


  • University of California, Berkeley                         
  • University of California, Los Angeles                                
  • University of California, Merced                           
  • RAND Corporation                           
  • California Conference of Local Health Officials                                
  • State of California Department of Public Health                             


Marta Induni, Ph.D.
Public Health Institute

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