Washington Practices and Outcomes Variation Study

Year: 2012
Funding: Multi-Network Practice Outcome Variation Examination Study (MPROVE)
Status: Completed

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Public health leaders lack adequate evidence for making decisions about local health department (LHD) services. Public health leaders in Washington (WA) State have taken several steps to address this problem, including the development of an extensive annual Activities and Services Inventory of LHD service output. WA has also been a leader in the development of Public Health Standards and has implemented a set of regularly updated Public Health Indicators. These help shape and articulate the outputs, performance, and outcomes of our public health efforts. WA Public Health Practice-based Research Network (PBRN) leaders, including the Co-PIs and staff person for the proposed project, have been integral to these activities. WA’s PBRN has completed five Public Health Services and Systems Research (PHSSR) studies, with three additional projects currently under way. The proposed project would help to further advance our current WA research and measurement efforts, while also bringing WA’s public health system measurement experiences and assets to a coordinated, multi-state effort. The proposed project’s specific aims are to: Aim 1: Serve as an effective partner in the development and implementation of the Multinetwork Research Project under the National Coordinating Center’s (NCC) direction. Aim 2: To the extent possible within the Multi-Network Research Project, improve WA’s public health system measurement efforts by: a) Refining and expanding Environmental Health (EH), Communicable Disease (CD) Control, and Chronic Disease-related LHD service measurements being collected among WA LHDs. b) Identifying and gathering meaningful measures of “production inputs” and health outcomes that can be reasonably linked with local public health service “output.” c) Identifying links between investments in the selected areas of LHD service delivery and related health outcomes.

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