The Influence of Public Health Structure and Governance on the Adoption of Core Services and Outcomes in Local Public Health Agencies in Colorado

Year: 2011
Funding: NNPHI PHS2 Award
Status: Completed

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This study examines a natural intervention in the state of Colorado in which core public health services were promulgated into rule in October 2011.  The study will use existing baseline and secondary data as pre-implementation parameters for study.  Follow-up data collection will take place 21 months after the baseline data was collected to measure change over time. Using longitudinal, pre-post study design we will look at agency level changes in core service provisions among all local public health agencies in Colorado.  In addition to agency level changes we will also measure possible changes in health outcomes based on indicators related to core services.



Emily Burns & Lisa Van Raemdonck
Colorado Association of Local Public Health Officials

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