Bridging Health and Health Care

Collaborations among public health, primary care, and other partners have the potential to dramatically improve the nation's health. PHSSR investigators are exploring how partnerships among healthcare systems, public health agencies, and community partners can improve systems for building healthy communities. 

Collaborative Partnerships

Using Clinical-Community Partnerships and 2-1-1 Technology to Improve Early Childhood Developmental Screening and Care  Paul Chung & Bergen Nelson
Interorganizational Relationship and Infrastructure Variation and Public Health System Efforts to Address Prescription Drug Abuse  Lainie Rutkow & Katherine Smith
The Use of Best Practices by Community Coalitions to Address Tobacco-related Disparities Rodney McCurdy
Examining Public Health Roles in Mental Health Delivery  Jonathan Purtle
Injury Prevention Partnerships to Reduce Infant Mortality among Vulnerable Populations  Sharla Smith 
Integration of Health Care and Public Health to Improve HIV Early Detection and Control  Deborah Porterfield 
Improving the Efficiency of Newborn Screening from Collection to Test Results  Beth Tarini 
Accountable Community of Health Structures and Cross-Sector Coordination  Nadine Chan & Eli Kern
Hospital Investment and Interaction in Public Health Systems  Danielle Varda & Lisa VanRaemdonck
Optimizing Expenditures Across the HIV Continuum of Care: Bridging Public Health and Health Care Systems  Gregg Gonsalves 
The Affordable Care Act and Childhood Immunization Delivery in Rural Communities  Van Do-Reynoso 

Measuring Variation in the Integration of Primary Care and Public Health: A Multi-State PBRN Study of Local Integration and Health Outcomes

Elizabeth Gyllstrom, Susan Zahner & David Hahn
Assessing Sustainability of Interventions Implemented by Local Health Department-Hospital Collaborations Chris Maylahn &
New York Public Health PBRN
Implementing the New York State Prevention Agenda at the Local Level  Chris Maylahn &

New York Public Health PBRN
Integrating Health Systems in Shelby County Tennessee Erik Carlton
Local Variation in H1N1 Communication and Response in Kentucky Kentucky Public Health PBRN
Comparative Effectiveness of Public Health Partnerships and Interorganizational Relationships Robyn Ione Mobbs
Measuring Cross-Sector Collaboration Between Local Public Health and Healthcare in Evidence Informed Obesity Prevention Eduardo Simoes & Katherine Stamatakis
Community Health Improvement Planning and Community Health Needs Assessment: Moving toward Collaborative Assessment and Community Health Action in Ohio Ohio Public Health PBRN
Factors that Influence the Timeliness and Quality of Community Health Assessments: A Prospective, Double-Cohort Study Gianfranco Pezzino
Breathe Easy at Home (BEAH) Megan Sandel & Margaret Reid

Assessing the Effectiveness of Partnerships between Local Health Departments and Community and Faith-Based Organizations during Emergencies

Malcolm Williams & Anita Chandra
The Influence of Public Health System Partnership on Infant Mortality Sharla Smith
The Impact of Marginalization of School Health in Public Health Workforce - Health Department and Local Public School District Kristina Knight
Interorganizational Relationships [IORs] and Collaboration to Improve Health Status Indicators for American Indian/Alaskan Native [AI/AN] Maternal and Child [MCH] Populations Beverly A Mulvihill

Provision of Clinical Services

Improving the Reach and Effectiveness of STD Prevention, Screening, and Treatment Services in Local Public Health Systems

California PBRN & Alabama PBRN
Measuring the Effects of Public/Private Transition of Pediatric Preventive Services on Unmet Need Among Medicaid Eligible Children Nathan Hale
Fiscal Constraints and Access to Reproductive Health Services in South Carolina: The Impact of Clinic Retraction on Utilization, Outcomes, and Quality

Nathan Hale

Medicaid MCH Funding and Local Public Health Practice North Carolina Public Health PBRN
Comparative Effectiveness Research Tools for Examining Public Health Services and Outcomes North Carolina Public Health PBRN
Integrated HIV/AIDS and STD Service Delivery in New York: A Natural Experiment New York Public Health PBRN
Adolescent AFIX: A Multi-state Randomized Control Trial to Increase Adolescent Immunization by Facilitating Vaccine Providers' Adoption of Best Practices Noel Brewer & 
Melissa Gilkey
Health Care Reform: Colorectal Cancer Screening Expansion and Health Disparities Michael Preston

Data Coordination

Implementation and Diffusion of the New York City Macroscope Electronic Health Record Surveillance System Katherine McVeigh & Remle Newton- Dame 
Public Health and Primary Care Integration through Enhanced Public Health Information Technology (PHIT) Maturity: A Case for Behavioral Health Ritu Agarwal &
Robert Gold
Assessing Georgia's Health Information Exchange Systems and Healthcare Providers' Meaningful-use Readiness and Their Plans to Use Health Information Exchange Georgia Public Health PBRN
Improving Vaccine-Preventable Disease Reporting and Surveillance through Health Information Exchange Brian Dixon
Leveraging Integrated Electronic Data Sources to Improve Population Health Assessment at Local Levels Brian Dixon
Impact of Health Information Technology Investments and Meaningful Use Requirements on the Development of Public Health Record Data Dawn Jacobson
Leveraging a Health Information Exchange Innovation to Improve the Efficiency of Public Health Disease Investigation Janet Baseman
Building Access and Understanding of Law in Public Health Practice in Nebraska Jennifer Ibrahim
Building a Sustainable Open Data Ecosystem for Public Health Services and Systems Research Erika Martin
Collaborative Governance to Support Exchange of Public Health-Relevant Data Holly Jarman
Local Information Systems for Studying Public Health Practice and Outcomes Wisconsin Public Health PBRN
Effective Public Health Data Sharing for Local Decision Making Joshua Vest