Research-In-Progress Webinars

The webinars are now integrated into the Systems for Action webinar series. Please see the Systems for Action Research in Progress Webinars to register for upcoming events, or view recordings and presentations from recent webinars. 


Since 2014, the Research-in-Progress webinar series has provided opportunities for PHSSR and PBRN investigators to share information on project results, data sets and sources, methods, and study design with their peers, while receiving valuable feedback from subject matter and methodological experts.  Please click the links below to view topic and speaker information about the webinars.

PHSSR Research-In-Progress Webinars

The PHSSR Research-in-Progress Webinar Series enables investigators whose PHSSR awards are in-process or completed to share their work and disseminate findings more rapidly, and to identify others with like research interests. Each webinar includes progress on the research project and findings to date, next steps in the project and how to contact the researchers, commentary from a researcher and/or public health practitioner, and time for questions and discussion. Upcoming presentations are promoted through the PHSSR contact list, and the website archives include the presentation and recording for each webinar. Click here to view the archives.

Methods Webinar

Public Health PBRN Research-In-Progress Webinars

The Public Health PBRN Research-in-Progress Webinar Series was a monthly virtual meeting with participation by representatives from all PBRNs conducted from 2009 to 2014.  In January 2015, the PBRN series was merged into the PHSSR Research-In-Progress Webinar Series. Each monthly PBRN meeting included a Research-in-Progress session led by a different PBRN, sharing real-time experiences with scientific, administrative, logistical, and substantive dimensions of their research projects. Networks presented issues related to phases of the research process, from conceptualization of questions, to measurement, data collection, analysis, and interpretation. In addition to discussion that follows each monthly presentation, each meeting includes a research administration component to share information on topics such as network development, professional and community engagement, dissemination strategies, funding opportunities, and grants management.  Click here to browse the 2009-2014 archives.

Public Health PBRN Training Webinars

The Public Health PBRN Training Webinars were developed and conducted for the Public Health PBRN participants from 2009 to 2013. The webinar topics and speakers are described, and where available the slides and recordings are posted in the archives.