Remember to Route All Questions on Grant Budgeting, Reporting, and Administration to the National Coordinating Center: The Coordinating Center is your one-stop source for information and assistance on the administrative aspects of your grants, including budgeting, expenditures, subcontracts, and reporting. Please make sure that you send your questions to the center to ensure the fastest response. All requests for no-cost extensions, budget modifications, and other changes regarding your Robert Wood Johnson Foundation PHSSR/PBRN grants must be submitted to and reviewed by the center staff before they can be considered by the Foundation.

Contact Information for Public Health Services and Systems Grants: and 859-218-2317

Contact Information for Public Health PBRN Grants: and 859-218-2089

Mailing Address
111 Washington Avenue, Suite 212
Lexington, KY 40506


Remember to Route all Grant Reports and Products to Both the Coordinating Center and the Foundation (after review): Your grant narrative and financial reports should be submitted electronically to the National Coordinating Center a minimum of three days prior to the RWJF due date. After program staff have had an opportunity to identify and help grantees resolve any potential reporting issues, the final reports should be submitted to both the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the center, following the Foundation’s reporting guidelines. All grant products should also be submitted to the coordinating center for review, as soon as they are completed. Remember to follow these reporting guidelines:
RWJF guidelines for annual and final narrative reports & bibliography:
RWJF guidelines for financial reports:
RWJF guidelines for electronic submission of grant products and reports


To better serve both grantees and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the Coordinating Center requests that all budgetary and narrative reports, along with related products, be submitted a minimum of three days before they are due to RWJF. This advance screening process will provide an opportunity for program staff to work with grantees to resolve any potential issues before the reports or grant products are submitted to RWJF, thereby reducing the need to submit multiple reports to the Foundation.