Studies in the Workforce domain of the 2012 PHSSR Research Agenda explore research questions in such areas as enumeration of the size and composition of the workforce; diversity and disparities within the workforce; recruitment and retention efforts; and workforce competencies



Trends and Characteristics of the State and Local Public Health Workforce


Angela Beck, Ph.D., M.P.H.

Effects of Cultural Competency Training on Local Health Departments: A Randomized Trial

Diversity and Disparities

Kentucky Public Health PBRN

Local Health Department Workforce Reductions: Implications for Diversity and Health Disparities

Diversity and Disparities Washington Public Health PBRN

Recruitment and Retention Challenges and Successes in the Local Health Department Workforce

Recruitment and Retention

Julie Darnell

Effect of Variations in State Emergency Preparedness Laws on the Public Health Workforce’s Willingness to Respond in Emergencies

Recruitment and Retention

Lainie Rutkow
Daniel Barnett

Analyzing Concordance between Position Descriptions and Practice Standards for Public Health Nurses

Workforce Competencies

Ohio Public Health PBRN

The Relationship Between Public Health Workforce Competency, Provision of Services, and Health Outcomes in Tennessee

Workforce Competencies Robin Pendley, Dr.P.H., M.P.H., CPH

A National Evaluation of Leadership Styles and Outcomes in Local Health Departments

Workforce Competencies

Laura D. Cassidy

Building Access and Understanding of Law in Public Health Practice in Nebraska

Educational methods and curricula

Jennifer K. Ibrahim